About Karin

Hi my name is Karin Ravalese.  I am a movement strategist, and I am passionate about helping men and women of all ages breathe and move better while reducing stress, tightness and discomfort.  My sessions have helped both men and woman combat nagging aches and pains, congestion and digestion issues. This has led to improvements in sleep quality, self-confidence, increase in energy levels, concentration and focus, and balance and coordination.

My Qualifications:

  • MSc. Physical Education and Human Performance
  • ACSM – Exercise Physiologist
  • NKT Level 3
  • Over 23 years’ experience in Martial Arts

I know firsthand that breathing and movement strategies work.  I never would’ve been able to really get through some pretty rough times unless I had strategies in place. Strategies that helped me deal with stress, a major job reorganization, and worst of all the sudden death of my Dad.  The feeling of being uncomfortable and just flat out unmotivated at times.  Strategies that kept me resilient, injury free and healthy especially through these challenges. We have all been there at some point in our lives. Death is inevitable. Death in every sense of the word, not just physical. We know this. There is always going to be a turning of the tides whether you’re ready or not.

The things we do today either make us or break us. When life throws challenges show up ready! Ultimately, no one is coming to save you but yourself. So, this leads me to one of the reasons I came up with the name Revolt and Move. If you look up Revolt in the dictionary, it simply means to oppose or refuse to accept something. At some point we need to oppose or refuse to accept something. Perhaps something that is not in alignment with what we feel, what we are doing or what we decide to engage with. How are you living, breathing and moving towards your best?

What is your Revolt?  Let’s talk!