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Healing Heart Nutrition

Are you resisting change?

Most of us may prefer to stay in our comfort zone or feel like we know daily expectations. Now, if you are like me, then that sounds more manageable for day-to-day operations, especially if you are responsible for others in addition to yourself. But, on the other hand, some of us may feel that there is no need to change since we feel happy, and others within their lives can predict behaviors and attitudes; therefore, it could create less stability.

But, without a challenge or change that presents in our lives, we can continuously live within our limits, beliefs, and fears.

Now let’s apply resisting change with regards to our eating habits. Maybe you don’t feel brave enough to start changing your food choices because you have no idea where to start. Or maybe your environment is holding you back because you don’t think your family or friends will support your choices. You may also think, why even try since all my other attempts in the past have failed. Does anything you just read resonate with you? If you answered yes to at least one, you are probably resisting some change in your eating habits.

So, how can you change but still stay the same? First, identify your limitations then proceed to overcome them. For example, at a party with friends who are mindlessly eating appetizers, consider listening to yourself and only eat if you are genuinely hunger. This allows you to become your true self, emerge and finally manifest and develop. Secondly, be flexible with yourself; frequent changes make it easier to adapt to new situations and environments and new people. As a result, try not to stress out when something unexpectedly shifts. For example, the only thing to eat on a road trip is fast food rather than a healthier choice restaurant. Finally, assess how the changes you have made make you look at things from a different perspective. An example of this may be enjoying a homemade treat nonjudgmentally at the end of a meal, feeling truly satisfied.

Now I want to share an example of a metaphor that I believe explains change but staying the same perfectly:

“Water defeats everything because it adapts to everything. It can be a liquid, a solid, or a gas. It can be soft or hard, rigid or elastic. Water can run slowly, roll, avoid an obstacle, or collide violently with it. Precipitate or splash. Water is the natural analogy of change as the ability to adapt strategically to different circumstances.”

I hope this information will help you make practical changes to healthy eating and a more meaningful lifestyle.


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