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Healing Heart Nutrition

“Are You Stressed? Or Do You Have Stress?”

Yes! I have stress don’t we all? Maybe you are one of those people that have it under control or think you already have it all figured out. But let me remind you that we all have some form of stress whether we realize it or not. Being a dietitian, you probably think to yourself oh another reading on how to battle “stress eating” well, yes, I might mention some techniques on how to combat but, I also think it’s particularly important to consider these topics as well in addition to eating habits.

Stress is TOXIC and can affect us emotionally and physically. For example, look at some of what it can do to our bodies:

  • Suppression of the immune system making us more vulnerable to infections
  • Shuts blood away from the digestive system which can cause pain and make it difficult for your intestines to work properly or damage your intestinal lining wall
  • Thyroid suppression
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Influencing our autonomic nervous system (ANS) putting us in the famous FIGHT, FLIGHT, or FREEZE response

Recognizing the signs of stress and noticing how it influences our bodies can help us when trying to create more of a healthy mindset and lifestyle for overall health and well-being.

Here are some of my basic stress strategies to consider if trying to work on enhancing your STRESS-FREE lifestyle:

  • Try Yoga breath (pranayama)- this yoga breathing exercise helps to quickly increase your energy and influences the ANS in the opposite way encouraging the rest and breed response in the body.
  • Trying to eat every 90-120 minutes if finding you are tired during your days suffering from adrenal fatigue or thyroid suppression. Although everyone is an individual building the right meals helps to conquer cravings and provide more energy. Anyone that has ever been a client of mine already knows my recommendation which is to include Protein, Fiber, and FAT. Keep in mind that consistent meals, consistent times, and rebuilding your meals can help with the body’s natural rhythms to relax and release stored fat. Rather than causing more stress to your body from restricted eating.

Additional things to consider from the effects stress has on our environment.

  • Water filter-for less exposure to the amount of chemicals present
  • Air filter-improve air quality and highly beneficial to sufferers of allergies
  • Low VOC paints- lower in toxins, low odor and reduce allergy-causing toxins
  • Bring plants into your home-reduce dust in the air and can boost mood
  • Use natural cleaning products
  • Try to eat organic
  • Use glass, cast iron, or stainless steel cookware,
  • Try infrared sauna, mud baths, or placing zeolite around your office or home – offering detoxification along with some immune system support.

Although, no one thing can keep us from experiencing stress having some tools in your toolbox can be your body’s best defense when noticing if you are walking down that path.

Happy Stress Relief


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