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Do meal plans really work?

What do you think?

Here are a few ideas to think about before you decide.

Suppose someone is working on building their food independence and shifting away from the inflexibility of following a diet or struggling with a lack of control around their eating. In that case, a meal plan can provide an anchor to support getting to the root cause of their eating habits and encourage recovery.

What about someone who has never prepared a meal for themselves? A meal plan can help you feel successful in the kitchen, encourage confidence and teach you how to have food available in the way you can prepare. In addition, meal planning can help you to choose, prepare and purchase nutritious foods on a more regular basis.

Another benefit of a meal plan is that it can help you manage medical conditions. What I mean by this is say you were recently diagnosed with diabetes or celiac disease. In addition, a meal plan can teach you how to have appropriate portion sizes of carbohydrate foods and increase awareness of food ingredient triggers to help improve clinical outcomes, just as a few examples.

In my experience as a registered dietitian and health coach, almost everyone I talk to wants a meal plan. Although my end goal is ALWAYS getting my clients to meal plan independently, a meal plan can be a great idea and helpful tool when someone is first getting started.

At Healing Heart Nutrition, we support everyone based on their individual needs. Depending on your goals or where you are at with your eating habits journey, nutrition planning resources such as a meal plan, recipes, or a meal planning guide can be a helpful tool used as a collaborative approach when getting you to gain some control of your eating.

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about an individual meal plan, please message me, and I will send you our meal plan assessment tool. Once finished, this will help our team provide a unique approach so that you can receive the proper support in reaching your goal.

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