Healing Heart Nutrition
Healing Heart Nutrition

Do you like to eat or feel like all you think about is food?

Would you call yourself one of those people that google searches on weight loss or on healthy eating? You may feel stuck or mislead by all the information that is out there on the media or what your friends are saying.

If this sounds like you then you are not alone. Believe it or not, thousands of people are struggling with these exact issues. Often many people that come to me for support have these exact inquires and many questions regarding the topics. I generally ask them to come up with at least one thing they feel they have control over. Ask yourself, do you feel that you have control over at least one thing in your life that pertains to your relationship with food or your weight?

Notice if you can at least produce one thing then you can build on developing what you want for your best self.

For example, one thing you might have control over is what you drink. Try water for starters maybe instead of soda or a caloric beverage you may decide to replace with water instead. Often being dehydrated can make us think we are hungry, but the truth is we are just thirsty. So, just by changing one behavior during the day, you have created a positive influence within yourself.

As you continue to build on one thing at a time that you feel you have control over then your awareness about yourself and your environment can assist with the actual plan on achieving that weight loss or healthy eating goal.

Recognizing that self-awareness is the beginning of empowering yourself to start making the life changes that you desire.

Now let’s try to take it a step further then challenge yourself to determine the root cause of those emotions. For example, are you eating or grabbing food because you are hungry or because of something else?

Here is a list of some simple questions to ask yourself:

  • How is my sleep regime going
  • Does my food intake include fruits and vegetables
  • Do I drink water throughout my day
  • Do I move throughout my day
  • Do I frequently crave certain foods
  • I find myself feeling stressed throughout my day
  • I find myself to be rather impulsive and addicted to certain behaviors
  • I find myself feeling aggravated during my day and in a poor mood

Once you acknowledge where the hunger is coming from then you can determine how to proceed forward.

I also encourage you to take a look at my free coaching Training Video on How To Gain Control of Your Eating for some additional strategies. Or feel free to SCHEDULE HERE for a Discovery Session so we can talk more about how your emotions may be impacting those eating habits.

BOTTOM LINE- everyone is responsible for their bodies and how they make them feel. For someone like myself who is a highly emotional person, I need to do my best to create a happy, feel-good space. It’s no coincidence that on good days with low stress, my stomach feels fine. But that’s not realistic. Life happens and with that, emotions are affected. What I feel in my head, I feel in my stomach, and vice versa. The sooner we realize that the two systems work together, in both good and bad ways, then hopefully we can find a way for them to work together in more harmony that is beneficial for us…and our stomachs.

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