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Healing Heart Nutrition

Here’s a list of Foods to Eat and Avoid

KIDDING…….. come on, everyone, let’s try something different.

So this past weekend, we were traveling and stopped for food breaks when needed, but we were on a thirst break this time. My thought was just a coffee, but when my little guy asked for something other than water, I had to pause before reacting.

Why? Well, because I knew in the back of my mind that the drink, he wanted was full of sugar and calories, something that I wouldn’t be interested in consuming. So, what did I do? I asked him what made him decide to pick this instead of the average water he asked for when I decided to get a Starbucks. He responded, “I usually don’t drink flavored drinks and I feel like something sweet, cold, and chocolatey, plus I am thirsty” So, I thought, ok, he genuinely wanted this and ordered the drink without any emotion.

My point in sharing this story is it makes me think of how to live between banning certain foods and mindless eating. To control food intake, we initially try to deny it, which usually causes a cycle between never having something we genuinely want to potential out-of-control binge eating it.

If you decide to choose a portion of food consciously and mindfully or, in this case, a drink and eat it, you select that it is or isn’t worth it because this decision helps you choose the next time differently. So, this mindset from a person who may always eat unhealthy food to a person who allows it but usually chooses not to have it is first mindful and then form new habits.

When you combine mindfulness about your food decisions with a positive drive to eat natural foods, the effect is a small and consistent change in the right direction.

I believe that no limits mean smarter choices. I allow myself to eat junk food or unhealthy food in any amount but rarely choose to do so. Because of the gradual changes I’ve decided to make to my eating habits/diet. I now generally prefer the benefits and taste of unprocessed, nature-made food. You can, too, plan on eating “junk food” and desire healthier food options when the time comes. Don’t underestimate the power of changing your subconscious habit to change your preferences.

Thanks, everyone for reading and remember I’m here to help.

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