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Healing Heart Nutrition

How do you connect with others, and where is your attachment?

Recently I have come across a couple of situations in my life that have made me ponder these exact questions. One is a near-death experience of a beloved family member and the other from a very close friend asking me to join a health challenge with him, both very different but very much alike. The apparent connection between the two instances is my relationship with them, but the attachment was the difference. The attachment with the family member was that holding on and the feeling that I may not be able to not live without them because I may never see them again. At the same time, the attachment with my friend I identified as wanting to keep my commitment and not giving up on the challenge first. Unfortunately, I noticed in these instances that these attachments eventually brought me anger and delusions, which ultimately led me to feel a loss of discrimination.

So why do I even bring this up, and how do these instances apply to nutrition, food, or diet? Because when we lose our ability to reason, then we lost the ability to choose wisely. I think this is important to consider our eating habits and how it may affect our choices. According to various schools of thought, there are three types of attachment physical, mental, and spiritual, which suggests that these attachments are behind our motivated behaviors. Connection, on the other hand, is something felt between two people. This deep connection goes beyond the superficial personality traits, shared interests, or money; it’s the feeling where there is no divide. Attachment and connection can be applied and related to eating a meal or making various food choices. So I ask you?

-What are some of your most enjoyable memories while eating a meal?

-How did you connect with the meal?

-Did you notice any attachment because of the experience you had when eating the meal?

It depends on how you look at these questions, but in my opinion, this is just another opportunity to connect and discover more about yourself and your relationship with food.

My 8-week program “Gain Control of Your Eating” really focuses more on understanding your body’s senses, emotions, environmental influences, and how to build more awareness into your eating so that you can treat yourself with nourishment and compassion with food.

If you are ready to build more self-compassion towards yourself and gain control of your eating, send me an emoji, and we can set up a 15 min discovery call and find out more about the program.

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