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Healing Heart Nutrition

How to overcome subconscious eating when Stressed

Ever consume excessive amounts of food without even realizing it? Maybe you have been out all day doing errands or watching TV, going from meeting to meeting, or just working all day? Understanding how our emotions and environment are essential for changing unwanted ways of subconscious eating. Subconscious eating can get you to consume excessive amounts of calories without you even realizing it.

What causes us to eat subconsciously? I believe many things, but most predominantly because of Stress in a nutshell. Stress, in turn, can lead to binge eating or a particularly intense craving, generally “sugar-containing” used as a defense mechanism to manage the Stress. Unfortunately, suppose you use these strategies to work. In that case, you allow yourself to overeat and choose unhealthy options to feed your body, causing “stress hormones” to activate, which do not help or make you feel outstanding about yourself. Although no one food contains stress hormones, Stress itself can trigger the particular hormones in our body, encouraging us to have a strong desire for foods higher in fats and sugars.

So the next time you find yourself overeating or get to the end of the bag of chips without knowing….. learn about yourself and some of the ways you may be subconsciously eating.

It is essential to reflect on our eating behaviors and monitor ourselves to find any patterns within our current eating behaviors.

Extreme dieting can lead to a cycle of Stress or emotions; not knowing how to handle them then, in turn, leads to food, and then we do it all over again.

Reconnect and heal from the inside and try some tips to stop mindless eating.

Good Luck and try to eat with a sustainable method in mind, and the next time you find yourself off driving somewhere or mindlessly snacking, think about it first.

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