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Healing Heart Nutrition

How to SURVIVE during the upcoming holiday season

Ever feel like you are overwhelmed looking ahead, knowing that there are so many obligations, tasks, and commitments that you have to attend?

Do you feel frustrated because you do not feel happiness and hear constant holiday music of spreading cheer?

To finally get to the beginning of a new year, not even recognizing how you even got there? I honestly think these feelings can happen during any time of the year but elevate for many during the holiday season.

Although the media portrays us that we are supposed to be happy and jolly at that point, frankly, we are all just feeling overwhelmed, scared, and stressed.

Well… if that sounds relatable to you, I wanted to share something. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! So many clients through the years have shared their struggles with me during the holiday season. And I have found it primarily because they have allowed themselves to be affected by the things they cannot control.

So, what does that mean? It means that most of the time when we are not happy or feeling overwhelmed, it can be because we are either thinking of what we “should” be doing (future) or what we “did” in our past. Therefore, taking us out of the present moment and often causing us to mindlessly eat or use food as a strategy for overcoming these feelings.

I offer to you six strategies that I use and have shared with all of my clients. These six tips help me stay on track and encourage us to tune into ourselves, be present, and train ourselves to honor ourselves first before others.

  1. Awareness- the first of anything is noticing how we feel in the moment and consciously choosing to be or do what it is during it. The understanding sets our intention for how we want to move forward, especially if at that moment it feels uncomfortable.
  2. Breathe- often, we don’t take the time even to take a deep breath. Yet, there are so many benefits from deep breathing. In this case, feeling overwhelmed just by simply taking a long intentional deep breath in with and deliberate exhale out can help your body release any tension, angry or scared emotions at that moment.
  3. Body- again, notice are you standing, sitting, outside, or posture isn’t feeling right, and recognizing how the body’s position is a helpful way of checking in with yourself to determine if it needs a break.
  4. Movement- intentionally making yourself move can allow us to feel good about the commitment we have made and get our blood flowing to stimulate those feel-good hormones during the rest of our day and can also offer an opportunity for a break.
  5. Food Choice- are you choosing nourishment or “just because,” I think we first have to decide why we are making the food choice before we decide to eat. I find this strategy helpful, especially with someone who may struggle with emotional eating—allowing us to determine what we want at that moment and decide to provide ourselves with nourishment.
  6. Rest/Sleep– Although I know not everyone is a sound sleeper, we can at least include it in our 24hr day. I bring this one up because so many of us lack sleep. If, for some reason, you are someone who struggles, I always encourage a nap or resting whenever you can.

You can tell all 6 of these tips you can control if you bring yourself to the present moment. A daily practice can begin the healing toward gaining control towards eating and thriving through stress. However, keep in mind that anything you train yourself to do takes time. So be patient and kind to yourself. Good luck, and remeber I am here to help.

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