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Healing Heart Nutrition

How to turn a problem into a solution in just 3 simple steps:

I am sure we have all heard the saying that every problem has a solution, but not everyone may agree with that statement. As far as I can say, if you think you have a problem, I believe there is almost always a solution. Here are three simple ways I turn my problems into a solution.

First, TAKE A DEEP breath and take the time to define the problem; secondly, try to shift your focus more on ideas and methods to use for chances of getting out of the problem vs. staying in it. Meaning, ask yourself what would be a few possible solutions for your situation that you are having? Then, who can you ask for help?

Next, create a list of things you CAN do instead of what you can not.

Lastly, write it all down on paper. Putting things down on paper can help activate your brain to help you come up with more solutions.

Here is what I mean. Take a look at one of my problem-solving examples that focuses on overeating:

Problem – overeating leads to feeling out of control with your eating leading to feelings of guilt and regret.

Solution – shift your focus to being in the PRESENT moment and take a deep breath.

3 possible solutions

  1. Stop noticing how you feel next; see whether you are full from eating or eating because you are unconsciously thinking about it? Then decide whether to continue eating or not.
  2. Recognize and ask yourself if you ate today or skipped meals without thinking? Once you figure that out, make a mental note to help when considering the proper fuel/food you should be choosing when finally starting to eat.
  3. Listen to yourself talk if it is not saying kind things about what you are currently doing, then notice the thoughts and change their tone to promote healing rather than sabotage.

USE a journal to write down what you noticed about the possible solutions. Next, ask yourself whether you need some help. Changing your mindset is no easy task, but having an open and positive attitude is a game-changer. Your personal growth is what propels the choices you make for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Just something as simple as changing your thinking can change your life.

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