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Is it possible to feel full without feeling satisfied?

If you aren’t happy or satisfied with the foods you are eating, it’s hard to develop a healthy relationship with food. It’s important to find the pleasure associated with food to feel satisfied and happy. You’ll find that the more pleasure you get from food, the easier it is to eat to a place of comfortable fullness and not think about food all the time.

So, what is the difference between feeling full vs satisfied….? Read this and see if it resonates.

Say, for example, you were to eat a large bowl of raw vegetables or a meal of grilled chicken or fish, brown rice, and sautéed greens that you thought you should be eating but weren’t interested in eating that because you wanted a cheeseburger. Afterward, your stomach may feel physically full, but you probably would not feel satisfied. When you aren’t satisfied, you will often continue to eat more food or fantasize about certain foods in search of that feeling of satisfaction, even if you aren’t hungry.

Therefore, it’s important to think not only about what foods make you feel full, but what foods bring you pleasure and satisfaction as well. It may be hard to figure out what foods are most satisfying to you, especially if you’ve been restricting your food intake or have been following any “food rules” or diet.

NOW look at this:

What do you see? Well… let me explain it is your stomach and it’s an interpretation of how it feels when you fill it with certain types of nutrients. Being satisfied is a better indicator than feeling full for deciding when your body is ready to stop eating.

So…If you are someone who feels like they have no willpower around food or struggle with feeling full without being satisfied. Try thinking about retraining habits, so it becomes easy to resist that last piece of pie, second or third helping of dinner, or that box of cookies in the cupboard.

My 8-week program “Gain Control of Your Eating” really focuses more on understanding your body’s senses, emotions and how to build in more mindfulness so that you can treat yourself with nourishment and compassion with food.

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– Sheryl

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