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Healing Heart Nutrition

OH! The great outdoors…

Living in New England I have been anxiously awaiting spring to arrive after the long nights and cold days of winter. Now spring is here,

and the weather is becoming warmer, and our days are becoming longer. Being outdoors has many benefits not only for our health but most importantly our well-being.

Imagine on a beautiful spring day allowing yourself to take in all of what is in the great outdoors. For example, listening to the sounds of nature as you go for a weekend hike or feeling the sensations of warm air as it hits your body. You can also see beautiful colors from spring flowers starting to bloom and experience the bright tastes spring produce has to offer, spring is a great season for taping into using those 5 senses in the good ole outdoors.

Some of the great benefits of being outdoors are feeling energized or finding it easier to walk or exercise. Natural sunlight improves mood and works in partnership with our body’s natural ability for a healthy circadian rhythm. Also, some research has suggested that it can also boost your immune system by taking a deep breath and breathing in phytoncides which are antimicrobial compounds derived from plants. In addition, a recent study by the Journal of Behavioral Medicine 2018, it was shown that the time among American adults spent outdoors increased their activity levels and decreased the risk of chronic disease. WOW, now you must feel like getting you outdoors on and getting yourself moving!

Spring celebrates earth day and increases the opportunity for seeing more fresh produce all of which makes me happy. New England in the spring sprouts many favorites such as broccoli, cabbage, and brussels sprouts. Since these veggies prefer cool temperatures and moist rich soil it makes them an ideal crop for us New Englanders.

Challenge yourself today not only to get outdoors more but to celebrate all the greatness Spring has to offer.

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