Healing Heart Nutrition
Healing Heart Nutrition

What do you do when you know your stomach is full but still EAT?

First, ask yourself, am I Emotionally Hungry or physically hungry?

If you still can’t figure it out, try asking yourself these questions…


📷 do I need to eat?
📷 do I need to sleep or rest?
📷 do I need to scream, cry or yell?
📷 do I need some company or connection?
📷 do I need to talk?
📷 do I need to be alone?
📷 do I need to move?

Sometimes we recognize that we are physically full but can’t pin down what we want and when this happens, it’s completely normal to feel like you want to grab food, especially if you’re an emotional eater.

But if you are someone who has created a habit of eating rather than figuring out why then your waistline has probably increased.

So, I get it, and therefore trying to retrain the way you think about food may be helpful instead of depriving you of not eating and shifting the mindset to why am I eating?

There are times of the month when I crave chocolate. Sometimes a little dark chocolate square hits the spot, others… I need to eat it with a spoonful.

But let me remind you all that no limits mean smarter choices. For example, I allow myself to eat any food in any amount but RARELY choose to do so. Why???

Because of my – MINDSET CHANGE

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