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Healing Heart Nutrition

Food Sensitivity Testing


The mediator release (MRT) food sensitivity test is valuable in evaluating and addressing potential food sensitivities. This test measures the endpoint of a food sensitivity reaction and provides insight into how your immune system reacts to 176 different foods and chemicals.

As a certified lifestyle eating and performance therapist (LEAP), I am trained to provide an individualized immunoCAlm dietary program specific to your unique food sensitivity reactions.

The MRT testing is priced at $1295 and includes the necessary test kit for blood draws, interpretation of results, and a personalized plan tailored to your specific needs. By identifying common foods associated with sensitivities, this test will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed dietary choices and optimize your overall health.

To learn more about the MRT testing, please visit this link.

DUTCH Testing

In addition to the MRT testing, we also offer DUTCH testing (dried urine test for comprehensive hormones). This particular test focuses on evaluating sex hormones and their metabolites. The results from the DUTCH test can be essential and valuable in understanding how your body functions, allowing us to optimize hormone health, target nutrient deficiencies, and address hormone-related symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, and mood swings.

Priced at $850, the DUTCH testing provides insight into various aspects of your health, including nutritional deficiencies, hormone levels, oxidative stress, gut dysbiosis, cortisol patterns, and OATs. This comprehensive assessment is accompanied by a testing kit, an interpretation of results, and a personalized plan designed to help you achieve optimal health and well-being.

To learn more about the DUTCH testing, please visit this link.

By investing in these advanced testing methods and working with our certified LEAP therapist, you are taking proactive steps toward a deeper understanding of your body’s unique needs. With the information provided by the MRT and DUTCH tests, we can develop an effective strategy to support your overall health and help you reach your wellness goals.

So why wait? Take action now and embark on your journey towards better health and well-being. Click the options above to get started today!

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