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USANA is a global nutrition company that offers a wide range of science-based health and wellness products. They provide high-quality supplements, skincare products, and weight-management solutions to help people lead healthier lives

THORNE offers a range of health and wellness products. These could include dietary supplements, vitamins, natural remedies, and other wellness products meant to support overall health and well-being.

JUICEPLUS+ Encourages healthier lifestyle changes with Juice Plus+ Essentials Fruit & Vegetable capsules or chewable which fosters better nutrition, hydration, fitness, and sleep habits.

ORGANIFI is a wellness company with products like juices, special blends for women’s health, proteins, and probiotics. These are developed with superfoods for health needs such as detox, energy boost, relaxation, and immunity. Their offerings come in user-friendly shakes and teas.

doTERRA is a company that offers a range of CPTG essential oil products. They provide natural solutions for personal care, home care, supplements, and wellness. Their responsibly sourced and sustainably produced products aim to improve lives globally. Alongside essential oils, doTERRA also offers skincare, hair care, and nutritional products.

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