Healing Heart Nutrition
Healing Heart Nutrition

Why Choose Me?

Do you wish you had greater energy and felt more responsible for your well-being?  Are you thinking about all the things you need to do during the day and feeling like you have no self-control around food?  Or how about being frustrated because you just want to eat food without feeling restricted, guilty, or confused?

Hi, I am Sheryl Ravalese Maggipinto. MS, RD, CLT.

I am a Coach, Master in Nutrition, Registered Dietitian, and Certified Lifestyle Eating and Performance Therapist; I always felt frustrated and tired about what I should eat and how it affected my endurance and health. I struggled for many years with my self-talk and mindset. As a result, my confidence and personal relationships suffered. AND…. I wanted to know WHY!

You’ve probably tried giving up the foods you love or avoiding foods you think make you feel sick or uncomfortable. You might have spent hours exercising or tried various diet plans that maybe your doctor has even advised without achieving your desired long-term goals.

FOOD isn’t just about one factor- many factors come together. Although FOOD in my world was mainly fresh, natural, loving, and always available, I had to understand what I needed rather than respond with food. I have created and want to share a holistic process approach with you. Helping you to finally eat without restrictions and be in control of your unique wellness.

I still may have my food moments and energy shifts but not nearly as often. Most of the time, I’m an “easy-going person” who can go from home being with my son to doing projects within my community and around my home.

I help busy working men and women who feel guilt or shame after eating learn how to have more self-control around food, cultivate self-compassion, and finally eat without feeling restricted. I have personally helped many individuals gain control of their eating and have a healthier relationship with food regardless of any medical diagnosis.

Sign up for one of my complimentary discovery calls, or call about my program and together, let’s create some meaningful changes towards your best self…..your heart will thank you for it.

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